The Healthcare Team

During your stay at Paramount Hospital, you will meet a number of healthcare professionals and staff
who work together to plan your treatment and care. They make up your health care team. You and
your family are the centre and an important part of the care team.
We encourage you to speak up and
let your needs and concerns be known.
The team will include members like :

our Doctors

You will be admitted under a senior doctor or a consultant who is professionally trained
specialising in the particular fields. They are assisted by junior doctors, nurses, coordinators and
management. The consultant and team carry out regular ward rounds and you & your family will be
able to question or speak to the team whenever the need arises.

Our Nurses

During the course of your stay, there will be several nurses
involved in your care. They work closely with the doctors and other
members of the healthcare team. On your admission they will
perform a full nursing assessment and plan your care based on this.
Our nursing team includes the nursing incharge, nursing technicians,
senior nurses, junior nurses, nursing assistants & trainees and
patient care coordinators. They will be happy to deal with any queries
you may have regarding your care.

Our Therapists

Some patients may be referred to these
professionals who provide training in activities of daily living and
functional mobility, assistance in breathing difficulties,
recommend adaptive and assistive equipment, speech, language
and cognitive remediation. The include physiotherapists,
respiratory therapists and other health therapists.

Our Dietitian

Registered dietitians are also professional members
of the healthcare team. They plan your dietary & nutritional
needs during your stay according to the respective doctor’s
orders. The dietitian will inform you and educate you regarding
all the dietary intakes during and after your stay.

Environmental Service Workers (Housekeepers)

The workers are responsible to provide a clean and safe environment for
patients and staff, including cleaning your room, washrooms,
wards, corridors, etc regularly.


The members of this team play a vital role in your healthcare. They include
radiologists, pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists, nurses, healthcare assistants, technicians
and coordinators who deal with the complete investigatory procedures and diagnosis of your

Administration & Coordination Unit

This team includes managers, account executives, front &
back office executives, assistants, coordinators and clerical staff. They play a very crucial role in the
entire management, coordination and counselling of a patient’s treatment. They provide a vital
support in the functioning and maintenance of the hospital. These executives will support you with
their positive counselling, helpful coordination and an effective interaction and communication.
You can recognise us by the colour and type of our uniforms. If you have any questions or concerns
about your care, please do not hesitate to ask or inquire with our members and health care team.

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