Repair of Incisional hernia ( how our specialist save the life of 51-year woman )

We had a patient with an incisional hernia.
Before I tell you how our doctors save the life of 51year old woman.

Let me describe you what is hernia…

Hernia occurs when a internal organ of the body push through an opening of the muscle or the tissue. This abnormal growth of internal organs is known as hernia.

Mrs. Tanuka rakshit, she was suffering from incisional hernia, her both small and large intestine have abnormal growth. And this was a life threatening problem.

But our general and laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Vivek Sarkar and Dr. S.K. Khutia has managed to save her life by doing an emergency operation.
They placed a surgical mesh on her both intestine so it can’t get out of its place.

Mrs. Tanuka Rakshit is in recovery process and our doctors have manage to stop the abnormal growth of the her intestine.

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