Traumatic cervical fracture , Listhesis with locked facet with Rt angle of Mandible Fracture

A 20 Year Old Gentleman with alleged history of RTA Due to Bike collision came with C/O

⦁ Unable to move Both Lower Limb and deacreased power in Both Upper Limb with loss of Hand Grip.
⦁ Decrease sensation below neck Upto 70%.
⦁ Retention of urine (Catheter in-situ, done elsewhere).
⦁ Breathlessness with increase respiratory effort.

He was admitted in ICU with following spine trauma Protocol. NCCT Cervical Spine & Brain, HRCT Chest, Usg Abdomen with MRI Cervical Spine Was done. Patient was diagnosed as a Case of Traumatic C5-C6 cevical fracture , Listhesis with locked facet with Cord Contusion with Rt angle of Mandible Fracture.
Prognosis and risk related to the disease and treatment was explained to the relatives.
Plastic surgeon opinoin were taken and planned for single stage surgery for both cervical and mandibular fracture. After taking informed consent, Pt was Taken for surgery on next day.

Recovery Procedure

1. Unlocking maneuver for facet and Listhesis reduction with Microscopic Anterior Cervical dissectomy and fixation with ACLP & screw.
2. Open Reduction and fixation of Mandibular Fracture with Miniplate and Screw .

Post-operative Status and Follow up-

Post-operatively , he was managed with medication, Chest and limb physiotherapy.
His condition were started improving since Pot-op day 1 and gradully he was able to stand with support on day 7.
His leg & Bladder sensation were improved. He was discharged on day 8 and advised to follow up in Neurosurgery Opd.
After 3 Weeks Follow up He was able to Walk independently with mild spastic Gait .
His sensation were improved and respiration become normal. His cathere were removed and able to pass urine Normally.

Pre-op Image

Post-Op Image

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