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Duplex Right Kidney with Staghorn calculus

A 40years old Male patient was presented with: Severe Pain in the Right Abdominal Flank & Passing Blood in Urine (Hematuria) After relevant investigation the patient was diagnosed to have:
• Duplex kidney
• Staghorn Calculus in the lower moiety of right Kidney with mild Hydronephrosis

Duplex kidney, also known as duplicated ureter or duplicated collecting system, is the most common birth defect related to the urinary tract. Staghorn calculi, also sometimes called coral calculi, are renal calculi that obtain their characteristic shape by forming a cast of the renal pelvis and calyces, thus resembling the horns of a stag.
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Surgical Case of Ileocolocolic Intussusception | Dept. of General Surgery

A 5 months old child had presented with :
• Acute Intestinal Obstruction
• Abdominal Distension
• Vomiting
• Passing of Red Currant Jelly stool
Ileocolocolic Intussusception It is the condition where the ileum, part of the caecum, appendix, and ascending colon, invaginates into the transverse colon. Operated by Dr. Vivek Sarkar, (MS) Constalant General & Laparoscopic surgeon
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Nerve Sparing Complete Excision Of Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour | Paramount Hospital Siliguri
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Limb saving Micro vascular surgery | Paramount Hospital Siliguri

Case- Lower 1/3 Humerus fracture with vascular injury Procedure- Brachial artery and Basilic vein repair with saphenous vein graft taken from leg Result- Radial and ulnar artery pulsation present ,limb saved, SPO2 100% immediately after operation Take home message- In case of vascular injury , consult vascular surgeon/ plastic surgeon immediately. Don’t miss the Golden period of revascularization .
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It is a rare source of gastrointestinal tract bleeding that may occur at any site in the gastrointestinal tract and may be difficult to detect by endoscopy. This rare condition was successfully identified & managed by the Gastro Dept. of Team Paramount led by Dr. Manish Kr. Mishra (MD, DM Gastroenterology). We wish for a positive & satisfactory recovery for the patient.
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COVID-19 Recovered Patient Goes Home

Mr Ashok Kumar was admitted at Paramount Hospital on 10/05/21 with a complaint of cough associated with generalized weakness. After admission, he underwent relevant investigations. Ct thorax revealed pneumonia ( Corads-5 very high suspicious of covid infection, CT severity score was 22 out of 25 ). The patient was found positive in the covid RT-PCR test. The patient improved gradually with high flow O2 inhalation and BiPAP ventilatory support intermittently and other supportive measures as per covid protocol and was discharged on 24/05/21.
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Covid 19 survivor 2021

Mr. Michael was admitted on….. with COVID-19 infection. His condition is very serious initially. With the management of Dr. M.K. Das (MD, Internal Medicine) & Team Paramount, he successfully overcame the infection and is being discharged with every positive wish and support.
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Emergency decompressive craniectomy with contusion evacuation

Testimony of patient Mr. Baldev Kumar & family post operatively & during follow up, operated for A/H/O Assault. A/H/O head trauma due to assault came in coma and relative weakness over right side.
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Foreign Body Removal | INGESTED 1RS COIN

Testimony of the parent of a 3-year-old child who had swallowed a coin and was managed successfully by our Dept. of Gastroenterology.
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Road Traffic Accident leading to cervical spine injury on C5 & C6

A patient was admitted few days back with a case of Road Traffic Accident leading to cervical spine injury on C5 & C6 causing inability to move both upper & lower limbs (hands & legs), breathing discomfort and a mandible (jaw bone) fracture which had been managed by Cervical & Mandibular Implant Fixation followed by conservative treatment.

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